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Nightlife (Part 2)

Posted in Sweden with tags , , , , , , , , , , on February 22, 2010 by Stephen Johnson (Jonk87)

I have now experienced, first hand, the nightlife in Lund, Sweden.

I had expectations of what it would be like from a video I found on youtube,which has since been posted on this blog, titled, ‘nightlife’.

The video, linked above, is set in Stockholm so there will be a difference to a degree. Nonetheless, it still enables me to make a direct comparison between nightlife in Sweden, compared to England.

I have decided to evaluate it based on four attributes.

– How busy the bars and clubs were

– Overall cost of the night

– Friendliness of the people in Lund

– Personal enjoyment

Firstly, when we first arrived in Lund, the streets were empty. It reminded me of the opening scene of Vanilla Sky, where Tom Cruise was driving around in a deserted Time Square. I was starting to prepare myself for a quiet night – nothing like what the youtube video had led me to believe ( a disapointing start.) Later, however, the nightclub we ended up in was very busy which resulted in a successful, enjoyable nightout.

I had previously been warned about the cost of drinks in Lund. However, I was still suprised by how much the bars and nightclubs overpriced the drinks. To put this into context, I travelled to Sweden with 1,800 Kronor – around 150 pounds to last the week. The majority of this money was spent on this night out – this was attempting to go out on a budget as well.

The majority of the people in Lund were very friendly and welcoming. As Lund is a well established university town, there are a lot of international students as well. I was suprised by how fluent in English most people were and this helped me to settle in and feel welcome. The only time I didn’t feel welcome was on theway home when I was giving the taxi driver directions to where I was living. He could not understand what i was trying to say and, in turn, became agitated.

He then said to me: “Listen, In Sweden…We speak Swedish…nothing else.”

Other than that, the night was very enjoyable. I would rate the nightlife 7 out of 10 – It was not as ‘wild’ as the video on Youtube may have suggested, but for a town with a population of just over 76,000, their was still an impressive atmosphere and a good time to be had.



Posted in Sweden with tags , , , , , , , , on February 15, 2010 by Stephen Johnson (Jonk87)

Since I am travelling to Sweden tomorrow I thought I should take a look at some of the nightlife over there. The flight is only an hour and a half so I didn’t expect to see much difference.

I found a video on Youtube which compares A nightclub in Sweden to another in Newcastle.

It was interesting…..I’ll let you watch it and make up your own mind…

Feel free to comment.