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The better breakfast: England vs Sweden

Posted in Sweden with tags , , , , , , on February 18, 2010 by Stephen Johnson (Jonk87)

Since leaving Newcastle to travel to Lund, I have noticed some significant differences in culture between the two. The first I would like to discuss is the differences between the breakfasts.

The one thing I have missed the most since being here is a bacon sandwhich. Second to that, I have quite significantly missed my sausage sandwhiches. Generally, an English breakfast would either consist of cereal, a bacon/sausage (or both) sandwhich, The Full English Breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg, black pudding, beans, mushrooms, toast,) or, if being healthy, porridge.

The Swedish breakfast has more variety, it seems  normal to have a bit of everything. For this first time in my life I had a mix of cereal, porridge and sandwhiches with coffee and orange juice. Also, for the first time I had cinnamon on my porridge – I had heard of a Cinnamon Latte in Costa Coffee but this was a new experience for me. I have taken some photos of my breakfast this morning so people could see and compare.

Judge for yourself which is better! One thing is for certain, the Swedish breakfast is far from being a good hangover cure compared to an English fry up. However, the Swedish way certainly seems a lot healthier.

Please check out the pictures and tell me which you think is best and why in the comment box below the pictures.

Swedish breakfast