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Donald Duck (Kalle Anka)

Posted in 1, Sweden, Sweden with tags , , on March 9, 2010 by Stephen Johnson (Jonk87)

So, I expect many may ask: Why should Donald Duck, or Kalle Anka as he is known in Sweden, be a part of the Totally Sweden blog? Does he bare any particular significance to the Swedish Culture?

Well….I am pleased to suprise you and announce – quack quack yes he does!

I have recently been informed by my girlfriend that in Sweden, on Christmas Eve (similar to our Christmas Day,) every year around half of the Swedish population tune in to watch the same episode of Donald Duck at 3PM.

I was also told that this is a Swedish tradition dating back to 1959. Apologies, and no disrespect, but in the past she has told several white lies to test how gullable I can be, so I had to check it out!

So, I looked it up and sure enough this time it was the truth. So there you go! Every Christmas Eve at 3pm, about half of the Swedish population sit down and watch the same episode of Donald Duck they have been watching for oveKalle Ankar 50 years!

I have taken the liberty  to embed part of the christmas episode so others can have a taste of the Swedish Christmas and our Swedish readers can enjoy and reminisce on last years festivities.

Enjoy, and please state your thoughts in the comment section.