Five ways to improve your chances of getting a Swedish girlfriend

It’s the country that is stereotyped for having beautiful women year after year. An example can be seen in this photo which was taken from a calender. However, not all stereotypes are true, including this one.

I hate to disappoint a lot of the men out there but the Swedish race isn’t perfect. They seem to be more concerned with their diets and are probably more active in sports but not all are perfect. Nevertheless, a lot of people doesn’t mean everybody. And, a lot of people is still a lot of people :-#

If you still want the advice, read on!

I asked my girlfriend (In this video) for five bits of advice to help improve a man’s chances of attracting a Swedish girl. This is what she came up with!

1)Take an interest in the culture and learn a little about Sweden so we have something to talk about” That means following my blog more often!

2) I really like it when a guy knows a few words. You don’t need to learn the whole language because that looks desperate! Just learn, hello, how are you? Or, my name is, and that will break the ice and get a Swede interested.” Leave a comment if you want to know the translations and I’ll put them on.

3) “Be fun and not stuck up. English girls think less of you unless you conform to the norm. Swedish girls are different, we like fun, spontaneous, different and a bit out there.”

4) “Take an interest in Eurovision, we LOVE it so it will always be a talking point and good for conversation. It’s not hard, just watch it and look up some facts about it on Wikipedia. I’ll get you started, we have won it four times and the last time was 1999″

5) “We won’t be impressed if you know rude words in Swedish so don’t tell us them. We also don’t want to be reminded of the fact that we have a lucrative porn industry over here. Both are no-goes.”

There you have them. Enjoy and please leave a comment to let me know what you think of the advice or if you have any to share.


15 Responses to “Five ways to improve your chances of getting a Swedish girlfriend”

  1. This made me laugh so hard.
    love the blog ❤

  2. stephenjohnson87 Says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your comments. How did you find the blog?

  3. This can be one of the most important article I ever read in a long time, I’m speaking about this piece of your post “… don&#8217t want to be reminded of the fact that we have a lucrative porn industry over here. …” it gets me to look more intelligent after learning it.

  4. stephenjohnson87 Says:

    I am pleased that you have found this article so important. Hope it helps you in the future 🙂

  5. Hi Stephenjohnson! My name is Luigi and I stayed in Stoccolm this summer: really really really the best holyday of my life!


    by by from Turin (Italy)

  6. Hedgehog Says:

    Man, I completely do not agree on several of ur points!

    1 – Agree! If nothing else, u appear completely ignorant if u know nothing about the country or culture. Having somebody ask u all the generic Q’s they could have found info on from Wikipedia is not endearing or cute, it’s fucking BORING! Cue losing interest in 3,2,1….

    2 – Disagree. Learn the language. Well, I guess there is a differnece in terms of desired realtionship here. U want a one-night stand? Learn a few easy phrases, that should work on drunk ppl who tend to think everything is very funny and very impressive. U want more of a relationship? Learn the language. Goes without saying. If for no other reason, how are u gonna participate in meeings with family/friends otherwise? They’re not gonna want to speak English all the time, simply for your benefit. Plus, what if she one day wants to return to Sweden?

    3 – Completely agree! Nothing is more of a turn-off than a guy who’s up his own arse! English men are generally good for this though.

    4 – Completely disagree! ESC is good if u wanna have a fun conversation about terrible European taste in music (what were they thinking kinda conversation). Depends on the girl. Not all girls like ESC, in fact, I know more girls who’d rather jump off a cliff than watch it, than girls who LOVE it. Sadly your girlfriend seems to be completely out on this one.

    5 – Agreed. Come on, who doesn’t know rude words in at least 2 foreign languages? Ppl who come up to u & quote something rude, looking like they just invented the sun are not funny. Or cool. Or entertaining. Just very, very touristy. On the same par, somebody wanting to talk to a Swede about the porn industry will most likely be directed to a German. To us, they are the ones who are famous for porn & perverted sex.

    I’d like to add my own advice if I may do so.

    -Learn to take care of urself and a household. Swedish girls nowadays have been brought up with fathers who shared the household work with their mother. You are going to cause unnecessary tensions in the relationship if u behave like the girl is ur mother (plus assuming you are of age, don’t u think it’s time to grow up?).

    -Like any other society, there are differences within groups of people. Some girls may very well respond positively and exactly to the above description. Other girls not so much. Don’t assume anything about an entire population before you’ve sussed the situation out! (Men who want to go to Sweden because of the reputation Swedish girls have abroad are tiresome, and obviously ignorant to cultural, factual and realistic circumstances = not a good idea!) Some girls are not as easily impressed. They require a bit more work, but in turn you get more out of it.

    – Culture, culture, culture! What you think you know about Swedish ppl in general, let alone Swedish girls, MAY NOT BE ACCURATE! Reading up on Wikipedia does not constitute knowing a lot about the Swedish culture or people! The only thing you can do is visit, & keep that little mind of yours open!

    P.S Stockholmers are knobs. Avoid the place if you can.
    Gothenburg is much more recommended!

  7. i appreciate sweden as a nation, people and culture. I respect it so much. I will one day study in sweden and will do all i can to make the experience worth every of my effort. God bless the swedish folk.

  8. Tjena, I think this is probably the best advice all guys should take in order to attract any girl anywhere. I also think confidence really plays a big part. I fell in love with the country, culture, traditions and language when I lived there and I always like surprising swedes by speaking Swedish. They never think an American can speak any other language but bad English. Anyway awesome blog man I’m kinda down that I stumbled upon this just now.

  9. rock n roller Says:

    i dont think this will so well any other ideas

  10. how ever interested

  11. Hello..
    I have been in uppsala since a year but I failed to make even a friend not girl friend… Sweds are nice but I always find it hard to attract them!

  12. man i was with a girl from SE for a seven years, 😉

  13. Stephen Johnson (Jonk87) Says:

    Yep, tough times when you break up. They are a different culture, to those from the UK anyway.

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