“Ikea’s Kitchen Accessories – Gate 27”

Welcome to Ikea, the home of flat pack furniture, accessories and bathroom and Kitchen items.

Firstly, Ikea is huge.I felt like I was in an airport whilst walking around this superstore which seemed to have never ending pathways. It would not have surprised me if we were advised that the kitchen knives were in Gate 27 or if we were asked to show our passports before entering the bedding department. We had one of those airport trolleys to help carry the furniture and accessories we didn’t need but my girlfriend wanted. I was dreading the moment when I would have to tell her I wasn’t any good at DIY.

As we walked through the store my girlfriend made us stop at most parts of every section. She didn’t say anything, but I could tell by her excitement that she was for some reason proud that she and Ikea were both from Sweden. How can someone be proud to have a resemblance with a furniture store? I’m not proud of Marks and Spencer’s or John Lewis and I wasn’t bothered about the Woolworths’ stores shuting down.

Anyway, It got me thinking – Ikea is Sweden’s biggest retail outlet so it should be mentioned in the Totally Sweden blog. Also, how big is Ikea compared to other major outlets? Does it challenge as one of the biggest in the world? Why did I feel it had an uncanny resemblance to an airport? And, what other retail outlets are Sweden famous for?

Answers: According to the information presented by Retail Industry, The Ikea Group, is the 30th largest retailer in the world. H&M is the 60th and ICA AB is the 61st.

When looking at England’s biggest retailers there is Tesco at 4th biggest in the world and Sainsbury at 29th.

No one in England is proud to be from the same country that Tesco originated in. Why are Swedish people proud of Ikea? This is your opportunity to leave comments and defend the love you have for your store?

I don’t know why Ikea felt like an airport to me. I love airports because they generally mean going on holiday and I hated Ikea, maybe it was just the trolley.

If it is any consolation, Ikea may not be the biggest retailing store in the world but it is the biggest furniture selling store in the world.

To finish, check out these photos and a video of an advert Ikea made which was banned.

A tattoo of Ikea, really?


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