Sweden tenth most attractive country in the world

After browsing around The Local website, (Swedish news in English ) I stumbled across an article  which stated that Sweden was rated the 10th most attractive country in the world. Immediately this amazed me, I always thought of Sweden as that old boring cold place I had to go to when my g/f wanted to visit her parents.  The rating was conducted by Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (NBI), which measures the global image of 50 countries in terms of attractiveness and perceived qualities.

My judgement lacks any real substance because I have only visited Lund and Malmo and haven’t visited the capital. However, I believe that a lot of other English people share my ignorant views so I have decided to do a little research to see if Sweden can justify these ranking as the tenth most attractive country in the world.

Yes, the award has been justified, no questions asked. I think the poll should be conducted again and Sweden rated number 1.

…..just joking….

Below is a video which justifies Sweden’s number 10 ranking as one of the most attractive countries in the world. I wouldn’t rank the music in the video as one of the best video soundtracks in the world – probably one of the worst.


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