Since I am travelling to Sweden tomorrow I thought I should take a look at some of the nightlife over there. The flight is only an hour and a half so I didn’t expect to see much difference.

I found a video on Youtube which compares A nightclub in Sweden to another in Newcastle.

It was interesting…..I’ll let you watch it and make up your own mind…

Feel free to comment.


14 Responses to “Nightlife”

  1. I think newcastle looks better

  2. lucky you that u gonna travel to Sweden…next time take me with you!!

  3. big_fat_pauly Says:

    loving the blog, it seems really popular as well!

    have a good time in sweeden mate! 🙂

  4. The first girl on the Pig and Whistle segment used to go to my school, she will be proud
    Bad reputation management!!

  5. Hope you’re having a good time though mate (when you should be in MAC 2999 now haha)

    If you’re bored, you should check out these things I’ve been looking up in Lund

    For starters, there are some excellent pictures of Lund Cathedral on this WordPress blog

    and keeping in with the religious theme, you could visit the birthplace of Max Von Sydow, the Priest from The Exorcist, he was born in Lund

    Or, if you’re experiencing Stockholm Syndrome in your new country, you could visit where the condition originated from by take a day trip up to Norrmalmstorg. See the Bank where the robbery happened and soak in some culture

    and finally, if you’re travelling about, try a visit to Malmo, get a great cup of coffee from a Challice!!

    See you next week!

    • stephenjohnson87 Says:

      Hey, thanks for the info I really appreciate it. I checked out the cathedral and it is quite impressive. I did not visit Malmo this time but I have before and the nightlife and cafes are really good.

  6. Hi Stephen hope you are having a good time, whilst we are all sitting in MAC 299 missing you haha.

    I have been looking to find out what interesting things there are to do in Lund, however I cant find an awful lot. Maybe you should devote a post as to telling people what they can do.

    Take Care


    • stephenjohnson87 Says:

      Hey, thanks for your research. After living in Lund for the week I have realised there is not a great amount there. A few bars and some quirky traditions. I was told by my girlfriend that at her old school they all danced around a tree. Weird?!?

  7. newcastle is nothing like that mate!!!!! although the images of stockholm were kinda ahreet.

  8. […] I had expectations from the video I found on youtube,which has since been posted on this blog, titled, ‘nightlife’. […]

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